Amy Voigt – Gilman, IL

310 South Maple St – Gilman, IL

Quilts have always been a big part of my life. My mother and her sisters always were piecing a quilt or quilting a quilt or helping someone else quilt. They often got together to help each other quilt and I remember playing under the quilt as they worked. Sometimes I would have to push up the middle of the quilt so a spool of thread that had rolled away from one of them could be retrieved. My favorite quilt pattern is the double wedding ring and my mom did make one of this pattern. When I moved to Gilman about 5 years ago there was a perfect spot for a small “house” quilt and I knew I wanted a double wedding ring pattern.
Marilyn Koester of Danforth designed and painted the “house” quilt which now proudly hangs on my home at 310 South Maple Street in Gilman, IL. When I pull in and out of my garage and see the quilt I smile and remember my mom and my aunts quilting and talking, often in German, around the wooden quilting frame.



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