Jeri’s Birdhouse – Forrest, IL


Name of quilt: Jeri’s Birdhouse
Owners: Jeri and Doug Steidinger 8051 N 2500 East Rd, Forrest, IL (Rt 24, Fairbury/Forrest curve)

6’x 6′ Digitally printed on vinyl by Aftershock Graphics and placed on our restored barn in Oct., 2015.   Zimmermans bought the farmstead in 2006 to remodel and resale. They put a new roof on the barn then found the Simonize sign painted on the side when removing shingles off the side.

In 2007, the Steidingers bought the farmstead and started remodeling it year by year for her pet boarding business. The Simonize sign soon turned to confetti and is no longer visible. What once was a barn built in early 50s for hogs now houses 50 kennels for boarding dogs.

Jeri is also on the committee for Barn Quilts of Livingston County along with Jo Whitman, Beth Rinkenberger and Bobbi McKeon.


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