Sutter’s Farm – Fairbury, IL

(Drive by and enjoy!)

22826 E 800 N Rd, Fairbury IL 61739 (just east of Fairbury on US-Route 24)

Beth Rinkenberger asked if she could put a barn quilt on Jim and Kay Sutter’s big barn.  Beth had four or five patterns to pick from, and Jim Sutter picked a colorful one!  It took the place of the Christmas decoration on his barn.  Jim and Kay Sutter live on a farm of 152 acres.  They have three horses out in the pasture, Candy, Chino, and Copper.  They live in the barn and then sometimes go out graze.  Their daughter lives close in rural Fairbury and from time to time she takes Candy and Chino to her farm for a while.  Candy and Chino are Halflingers, and the Sutters drive them occasionally as a team on a wagon.  Copper is a quarterhorse.  Copper is Rhonda Steidinger’s horse, but lives at the Sutters.  You may see Sutter’s wagon driving in the country on a bright sunny day, their pastime on a Sunday afternoon.


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