Nomination to Gold Star Program

Enter drawing for a smoked holiday turkey! 10 winners will be chosen!

Confidentially nominate someone you know who is:

  • Positive, family-oriented
  • Love their family & community
  • Deserving of a hand-up (smoked turkey for holidays)
  • Understands importance of community
  • Willing to help their community

There will be a drawing for 10 winners! If the person(s) you nominated is chosen, we will contact you to help us in delivering the turkey. A card will be included that says something like:

Merry Christmas! You are a winner! You were one of many people nominated for the Gold Star Program. Winners were randomly drawn, and your name was selected to participate. Congratulations!
This turkey and these rolls were provided by an anonymous donor who wanted to benefit people who might be willing to offer a “hand-up” and volunteer to do something for their community or someone else in their community. The person who nominated you knew that you have special talents and knew that you will know what you can do to make your community a better place.
Please enjoy this turkey & these rolls for the holidays! Reach out, hand-up, pass forward and SHINE! If you want some ideas on how to help your community, call the Community Connection at (815) 692-9711.

Click here to nominate someone!

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