Frugality NFP – here is a thrift shop that has an extensive inventory of all kinds of personal, family, and household items that includes family clothing, house wares, home decor, books, purses, shoes, and more. Most of these items are available to the public at 99 cents each and all of the profits are given to different local charities every month. Frugality’s stock comes from generous donations from the consignors at Once ‘n Again and is continuously replenished on a regular basis. The thousands of items that have, and do, flow through this charitable effort are used, but still have plenty of life left in them, and it is a “win win” combination – folks on tight budgets can find a lot of needful things for their families and homes at 99 cents an item and profits from the sale of this donated merchandise goes to the areas charities that provide support services for those in need. Frugality has been serving Fairbury and the surrounding communities since 2007.

Location – 118 W Locust Suite B Fairbury, IL (right next door to the Once ‘n Again Resale Shop)
Hours of Operation – Friday & Saturday from 10am to 6pm

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