Krause Surveying, Inc.

“Land surveying has traditionally been defined as the science and art of determining the relative positions of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth and establishing such points. In terms of land boundaries, we are charged with creating and maintaining the maps, monuments, and records that help mark such boundaries. Land surveyors also create the “systems” behind the surveys. Ownership or “title” lines are defined by legal records and documents such as subdivision maps and legal descriptions from deeds, which surveyors use to calculate points they put in the ground. By creating these documents and placing monuments in the ground, we are creating and maintaining a system of records that perpetuates ownership lines that are retraceable decades into the future. No other profession is trained for or qualified to do this.” (From

Krause Surveying, Inc. is located in Cullom, Il. and offers an expansive range of services that utilize state of the art RTK-GPS equipment and operates off of a Permanent Reference Network with a station located at their office. They bring a vast accumulation of knowledge and expertise to each project (over a 100 years total) with their team of two Professional Land Surveyors, one Survey Manager, one CAD Manager, and four Survey Technicians. Krause Surveying is licensed in Illinois and Indiana and is a 2nd generation Land Surveying Company that is co-owned by Carl J. Krause Jr. and his son, Carl J. Krause III.

Their services and capabilities are extensive, completely encompassing the full range of the surveying business requirements. For the entire list of project availabilities you can visit their Service Page at their website, They utilize all the latest technologies and up to date surveying techniques along with a complete and in depth knowledge of surveying project requirements and related projects. They can provide all the necessary legal certifications necessary from their completed work and they can advise their clients in all aspects of what is required by way of boundary and property area confirmations.

If you need a property surveyed or, any of the services that a professional surveying company can provide get in touch with Krause Surveying, Inc. whose Mission Statement is “To serve our clients with highly accurate information using state of the art technology in an affordable and timely manner”. They are established, trusted, and experienced experts at what they do and they can make sure that you get what you need.

Krause Surveying, Inc.
115 W. Hack St.
P.O. Box 336
Cullom, Il. 60929
Phone: 815-676-0999
Fax: 815-676-4999
Hours are Mon/Fri 8am to 4:30pm

Check out their web site for an in depth look at their company that includes a link to submit an inquiry. In contacting them you can comfortably find out how much your project will cost, how much time it will take, and what information Krause Surveying will need from you to perform the survey.

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