Lost in Time

Lost in Time is a combination of functions that brings three unique facilities to Fairbury’s Main Street that offer dining, baked goods, and an arts supply store that have all turned into a very popular presence. Owner and Operator Sally Goembel’s experience and innovative creativeness has put all this together and all three continue to maintain their popularity with an ever growing customer integrity that makes their success self evident. Here are the individual points of interest about each:

Lost in Time Restaurant – an eatery that offers breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday and has a menu that is anything but “standard fare”. It’s item’s are home made, created with a special flare for appeal, and all are prepared professionally to order. There are numerous “house specialties” that combine dough, veggies, meats, cheese, eggs, fruits, and, well, you name it, into a delicious presentation of soups, salads, sandwiches, plates, and all sorts of combinations that have a way of pleasing just about all appetites. Combine that with some great desserts, special drinks (they’ve got 35 Old Fashioned Glass Bottle Soda’s), and some standard fare sprinkled in here and there and you can sometimes have a tough go at choosing your meal. They’ve got a breakfast menu that follows the same creative expertise and, we’ve got a great place to go for a meal that’s “down home” good, prepared by an experienced kitchen, and served by a friendly staff – its the difference that makes a difference. Add to all of that their daily lunch specials and, on Mondays, they are open for dinner with the full lunch menu and, an entree special in the dinner venue. Sally even has “special theme” dinners from time to time (i.e. Wild Game Night or a Valentines Dinner & RD’s Day). Need any one of their regular menu meals ‘to go”? They can make that work as well.

Hours – Mon/Sat Breakfast 7am to 10:45am Lunch 11am to 4pm Dinner (Monday’s Only) 5pm to 8:30pm
Private Dining & Catering Service – in house dinging with two dining rooms available for rent and special menu options, and a catering service for off site events
Location – 200 E Locust St. Fairbury
Contact Them – 815-692-2100 Web Site Lost in Time Also, see their Facebook Page

Lost in Time

Timeless Treats Bakery – Here is a full fledged, professionally operated, Bakery, that turns out baked goods that are all made from scratch and are almost too “pretty” to eat but, so far, that hasn’t stopped anyone. They make everything, including special orders (to your recipes if you’d like), and their experienced staff knows what they’re doing. They’ve got a walk in counter that has all kinds of cookies, rolls, etc. for your immediate needs and, a made to order service that can fill any advance order you might have. No wonder the Lost in Time Restaurant is known for their desserts, eh! For confectionery delights the Timeless Bakery is one of the best.

Hours – Mon/Fri 6am to 5pm Sat 6am to 4pm
Location – 200 E Locust St. Fairbury (right next to the Restaurant)
Contact – Same as for the Restaurant

Lost Arts – A Heritage Art Supply Store – need materials for quilting, knitting, crocheting, tatting, or sewing – here’s where they’re at. Lost Arts even offers classes for anyone of those special interests so, if you don’t know how and would like to learn or, just brush up on the latest techniques, now you know how you can do it. They supply the DIYS (do it yourself) fans with 100% cotton, fleece, flannel, minkee, denim, Plymouth & Red Heart yarn, DMC floss, quilting, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, and tatting supplies and, they have a large inventory of special interest items made by local crafters that make great gifts. If its a hobby or, just plain ol’ personal needs, then here’s the store that can keep you doing it and they’ll even teach you if you want to learn.

Hours – Mon/Fri 9am to 5pm Sat 9am to 2pm
Location – 132 E Locust St. Fairbury (across the street from the Restaurant)
Contact – 815-692-8536 Lost in Time website

All of this is there just waiting for you on the east and west corners, north side, of Locust (Main St.) and Fourth – you can do it all in one stop.

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